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I know I don’t really post on this blog anymore (go to for that), but since I’m sure there are some followers that didn’t carry over, here are my youtube and links.

There will be videos, livestreams and giveaways between the two. Come follow!

A friend of mine is considering starting a YouTube channel about video games (practice towards a career option). I thought I’d do them a favor by posting some polls to see what you (potential viewers) would like to see.

So come one and all! Make your voice (or click) heard! This is your chance to help encourage (or stop) a new gaming channel and it’s content.

Feel free to leave any other feedback in the comments – what would make you follow a YouTube channel?

¬†Blizzard, clearly wanting to keep us excited about patch content, just posted some trailers for the 4.2 patch include a preview of the Firelands raid and what they have titled “Patch 4.2 daily quest preview”. Could this be that Hyjal/firelands quest hub everyone has been waiting (but no longer needs the rep for because we’ve been exalted for months using tabards and dungeons) for? Check after the break for the other video.

Blizzards blog post with both vids can be found HERE. Still no release date for this content though.