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The first few of these came from the Pandaren starting zone The Wandering Isle (great starting experience, by the way), and the rest from Pandaria.


Here are a few screen shots from Pandaria that I’ve taken and enjoyed. More to come in future posts.

Uldum – The new desert zone located in the southern coast of Kalimdor. It is designed for players between 83-84 and is probably where you’re going after deepholm. It is probably my 3rd favorite (out of 3 so far) zone from Cataclsym. Before I get into this one, check out my thoughts on Hyjal and Deepholm. There will be a bit of spoilers regarding quests and story of the zone, so continue after the cut to see the rest.


This zone is pretty awesome so far.

I realized upon looking for the changes that I wasn’t that familiar. After my pictures I’ve included a link to a site that did a much more thorough job putting in before and after photo’s, but it’s from the beta not live patch. The huge broken city wall is one of the major highlights.


Ten Ton Hammer – Stormwind City Preview

Southern Barrens Gallery:

There’s some crazy things going on here. There’s a pretty good sized horde/ally clash going on, lots of shattered land, weird tentacles that are reminiscent of old gods. Gotta check these pictures out, and then go look at it for yourself!

Durotar & Northern Barrens Gallery

Not too different from before.

I must say I’m digging the new look to org. This feels horde.