Common Acronyms

Here is a list of acronyms you’ll commonly see on this blog. I got the majority of the list from wowwiki and a little bit more from some random forums on the internet, plus a little editing of my own. If you feel something important is missing or are still unsure about a term I didn’t clarify here or in the post you found it, please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

1h: One-handed
2h: Two-handed
5SR: Five-second rule (the rule that mana regeneration from spirit only occurs if you haven’t spent mana on a spell in the last five seconds)
Add: An “additional” mob that has been aggroed, usually unintentionally
Agg/Aggro: Probably short for “aggression” or some related word, it refers to who a mob is attacking — that player is said to “have aggro” or have “pulled aggro”
AoE: Area of effect
AP: Attack power
Alt: An “alternate” character — not your main character
BE: Blood Elf
Belf: Blood Elf
BoA: Bind on Account (Misreading of Bind to Account)
BoE: Bind on Equip
BoP: Bind on Pick-up
BoU: Bind on Use
BS: Blacksmith/Blacksmithing
BtA: Bind to Account
Buff: A beneficial spell, or a change to the game that makes a given class/spec stronger
CC: Crowd control
Cow: Tauren
DKP: Dragon Kill points, a cover term for a number of systems guilds use to distribute loot
DND: Do not disturb
DPM: Damage per mana; rarely used
DPS: Damage per second
DR: Damage reduction (due to armor); rarely used
DR: Diminishing returns
DS1/DS2/DS3: Class-specific sets of gear that drop from 5-man dungeons. DS1 and DS2 were known as T0 and T0.5, respectively, but that analogy breaks down when it comes to DS3.; rarely used
DW: Dual wield
DoT: Damage over time
Drae: Draenei; rarely used
Eng/Engi/Engy: Engineering
FA: First Aid
FP: Flight point/flight path
FR: Fire resistance
GL: Guild Leader
GM: Game master (or guild master)
GTAoE: Ground-targeted AoE; rarely used
HC: Heroic mode
HPM: Healing per mana
HPS: Healing per second
HS/Hearth: Hearthstone
HoT: Heal over time
IRL: In real life
LOM: Low on mana
LW: Leatherworking
MA: Main assist
MAP: Melee attack power; rarely used
Mats: Short for “materials”; refers to the ingredients in a crafted item
ML: Master loot/master looter
Mob: Short for “mobile”; rarely used
MP5: Mana per five seconds
MT: Main tank
NE: Night Elf
Nelf: Night Elf
Nerf: A change to the game that makes a given class/spec weaker
NPC: Non-player character
NR: Nature resistance
NW: Netherweave
OH: Off-hand
OOM: Out of mana
OP: Overpowered
Pat: Patrol
PBAoE: Point-blank AoE
Pot: Potion
Proc: Programed Random Occurrence
PUG: Pick-up group
PvE: Player vs. Environment
PvP: Player vs. Player
RAP: Ranged attack power
Res/Rez: Resurrect/Resurrection
RL: Real life
RNG: Random Number Generator. Sometimes referred as something “random.”
RP: Role-play[ing]
SR: Shadow resistance
Spec: Specialization (in a profession or talents)
T1/T2/etc.: Class-specific (Tier) sets of gear that drop from raids.
UD: Undead
UI: User interface
Xmute: Transmute 
Eastern Kingdoms BB: Booty Bay
EPL: Eastern Plaguelands
IF: Ironforge
SMC: Silvermoon City
SoS: Swamp of Sorrows
STV: Stranglethorn Vale
SW: Stormwind City
TM: Tarren Mill
UC: Undercity
WPL: Western Plaguelands
Kalimdor Darn: Darnassus
Exo: Exodar
Gads/GZ/Gadget: Gadgetzan
Org: Orgrimmar
STM: Stonetalon Mountain
STP: Stonetalon Peak
TB: Thunder Bluff
XR: Crossroads
Outland OL: Outland
BE: Blade’s Edge
HFP: Hellfire Peninsula
HH: Honor Hold
NS: Netherstorm
SH/Shat: Shattrath City
SMV: Shadowmoon Valley
Tero: Terokkar
TM: Thrallmar
ZM: Zangarmarsh
Instances (5-man) Arm: Scarlet Monastery Armory wing
BF: Blood Furnace
BFD: Blackfathom Deeps
BM: Black Morass
BRD: Blackrock Depths
BRS: Blackrock Spire
Cath: Scarlet Monastery Cathedral wing
DM East: Dire Maul East
DM North: Dire Maul North
DM Trib: Dire Maul tribute run
DM West: Dire Maul West
DM: Dire Maul
Gnomer: Gnomeregan
GY: Scarlet Monastery Graveyard wing
HFR: Hellfire Ramparts
HoS: Halls of Stone
LBRS: Lower Blackrock Spire
Lib: Scarlet Monastery Library wing
Mara: Maraudon
MGT: Magister’s Terrace
RFC: Ragefire Chasm
RFD: Razorfen Downs
RFK: Razorfen Kraul
SC/Live Strat: Scarlet side of Stratholme
Scholo: Scholomance
SFK: Shadowfang Keep
SH: Shattered Halls
SL: Shadow Labyrinth
SM: Scarlet Monastery
SP: Slave Pens
ST: Temple of Atal’Hakkar (aka Sunken Temple)
Stocks: Stockade
Strat: Stratholme
SV: The Steamvault
UB: Underbog
UBRS: Upper Blackrock Spire
UD Strat: Undead side of Stratholme
Ulda: Uldaman
VC/DM: Deadmines
WC: Wailing Caverns
ZF: Zul’Farrak

Instances (Raid)

AQ20/RAQ: Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj
AQ40/TAQ: Temple of Ahn’Qiraj
BT: Black Temple
BWL: Blackwing Lair
EoE: The Eye of Eternity
ICC: Icecrown Citadel
Kara/KZ: Karazhan
MAG Magtheridon’s Lair
MC: Molten Core
Naxx: Naxxramas
Ony: Onyxia’s Lair
OS: Obsidian Sanctum
RS: Ruby Sanctum
SSC: Serpentshrine Cavern
SWP: Sunwell Plateau
ToC: Trial of the Crusader (not to be confused with Trial of the Champion)
ToGC: Trial of the Grand Crusader
UBRS: Upper Blackrock Spire
VoA: Vault of Archavon
ZA: Zul’Aman
ZG: Zul’Gurub
Class Specific

FF: Faerie Fire
FFF: Faerie Fire (Feral)
GoW/GotW/Gift: Gift of the Wild
HT: Healing Touch
Inn/Innerv: Innervate
HotW: Heart of the Wild
LotP: Leader of the Pack
MoW/MotW/Mark: Mark of the Wild
NS: Nature’s Swiftness
OoC: Omen of Clarity
Paw: Mark/Gift of the Wild
Resto: Restoration talent tree
Roots: Entangling Roots
TF: Tiger’s Fury
ToL: Tree of Life 
AS: Arcane Shot
AotH: Aspect of the Hawk
AotP: Aspect of the Pack
AotV: Aspect of the Viper
AotW: Aspect of the Wild
BM: Beast Mastery talent tree
BW: Bestial Wrath
FD: Feign Death
GftT: Go for the Throat
HM: Hunter’s Mark
IAotH: Improved Aspect of the Hawk
MM: Marksmanship talent tree
SS: Steady Shot
TSA: Trueshot Aura 
AB: Arcane Brilliance/Arcane Blast
AE: Arcane Explosion
AI: Arcane Intellect
AP: Arcane Power
CS: Counterspell
CoC: Cone of Cold
Evo: Evocation
FB: Firebolt/Fire Blast/Frostbolt
FM: Focus Magic
PoM: Presence of Mind
Poly/Sheep: Polymorph
Port: Portal
Pyro: Pyroblast
Tele: Teleport
Table: Ritual of Refreshment (or mage table)
TP: Teleport 
BoK/Kings: Blessing of Kings
BoM/Might: Blessing of Might
BoP: Blessing of Protection
HoS/Salv: Hand of Salvation
BoW/Wis: Blessing of Wisdom
DI: Divine Intervention
DS: Divine Shield
FoL: Flash of Light
HL: Holy Light
HoJ: Hammer of Justice
HoW: Hammer of Wrath
LoH: Lay on Hands
Pally: Paladin
Prot: Protection talent tree
Ret: Retribution talent tree
SoB: Seal of Blood
SoC: Seal of Command
SoL: Seal of Light
SoR: Seal of Righteousness
SotC: Seal of the Crusader
SoV: Seal of Vengeance
SoW: Seal of Wisdom 
CoH: Circle of Healing
Disc: Discipline talent tree
DS: Divine Spirit
FH/Fheal: Flash Heal
Fort: Power Word: Fortitude/Prayer of Fortitude
FW: Fear Ward
GH/Gheal: Greater Heal
GS: Guardian Spirit
HF: Holy Fire
IDS: Improved Divine Spirit
IF: Inner Fire
LW: Lightwell
MB: Mind Blast
MC: Mind Control
Medi: Meditation
MF: Mind Flay
PI: Power Infusion
PoH: Prayer of Healing
PoM: Prayer of Mending
PS/Fear: Psychic Scream
PW:F: Power Word: Fortitude
PW:S/Shield: Power Word: Shield
SF: Shadowform
SoL: Surge of Light
SoR: Spirit of Redemption
SR: Silent Resolve
SW:D: Shadow Word: Death
SW:P: Shadow Word: Pain
VE: Vampiric Embrace
VT: Vampiric Touch 
BF: Blade Flurry
BS: Backstab
CB: Cold Blood
CloS: Cloak of Shadows
CS: Cheap Shot
Evis: Eviscerate
FoK: Fan of Knives
Hemo: Hemorrhage
ISS: Improved Sinister Strike
KS: Kidney Shot
KSp: Killing Spree
MoD: Master of Deception
Premed: Premeditation
Prep: Preparation
SF: Seal Fate
SnD: Slice and Dice
SS/ShS: Shadowstep
SS: Sinister Strike
TotT/Tricks/Trix: Tricks of the Trade

AR: Astral Recall
Ele: Elemental talent tree
Enh: Enhancement talent tree
ES: Earth Shock
FS: Frost Shock
GoA: Grace of Air totem
GW: Ghost Wolf
HW: Healing Wave
LHW: Lesser Healing Wave
NS: Nature’s Swiftness
Resto: Restoration talent tree
Shammy: Shaman
SoE: Strength of Earth totem
SS: Stormstrike
ToW: Totem of Wrath
WF: Windfury (weapon or totem) 
Aff/Afflic: Affliction talent tree
Ban: Banish
CoA: Curse of Agony
CoD: Curse of Doom
CoE: Curse of the Elements
CoEx/CoX: Curse of Exhaustion
Conflag: Conflagrate
CoR: Curse of Recklessness
Corr: Corruption
CoS: Curse of Shadows
CoT: Curse of Tongues
CoW: Curse of Weakness
DC: Death Coil
Demo: Demonology talent tree
Dest/Destro: Destruction talent tree
DL: Drain Life
DP: Dark Pact
DS: Drain Soul
HF: Hellfire
HoT: Howl of Terror
HS: Healthstone
Imm/Immo: Immolate
Incin: Incinerate
Lock: Warlock
LT/Tap: Life Tap
MD: Master Demonologist
MS: Master Summoner
NF: Nightfall
Sac: Demonic Sacrifice (or Voidwalker Sacrifice)
SB: Shadow Bolt
SL: Siphon Life
SL: Soul Link
SM: Shadow Mastery
SoC: Seed of Corruption
SS: Soulstone
Succy: Succubus
UA: Unstable Affliction
VW: Voidwalker 
BS: Battle Shout/Battle Stance
BT: Bloodthirst
Def/DS: Defensive Stance
Demo: Demoralizing Shout
Deva: Devastate
DW: Death Wish
Exec: Execute
HS: Heroic Strike
LS: Last Stand
MS: Mortal Strike
OP: Overpower
SB: Shield Bash/Shield Block
SS: Sweeping Strikes/Shield Slam
SW: Shield Wall
TC: Thunder Clap
TM: Tactical Mastery
Warr: Warrior
WW: Whirlwind
ZS/Zerker: Berserker Stance 
Death Knight:
DK: Death Knight
PS: Plague Strike
IT: Icy Touch
SS: Scourge Strike
DC: Death Coil
DnD: Death and Decay
HS: Heart Strike
DRW: Dancing Rune Weapon, Blood 31 Pointer.
DR: Death Runes
RT: Rune Tap
FS: Frost Strike
UB: Unholy Blight
HC: Hungering Cold
AMZ: Anti Magic Zone
AMS: Anti Magic Shell
DG: Death Grip
BB: Blood Boil
Pest: Pestilence
HoW: Horn of Winter
NotD: Night of the Dead
AotD: Army of the Dead
IBF: Ice Bound Fortitude
BS: Blood Strike
Ob / Obli = Obliterate
DS: Death Strike
MF: Mind Freeze
HB: Howling Blast
UA: Unbreakable Armor
LB: Lichborne
BSH: Bone Shield (Not sure if this would be the right abbreviation, but will keep it like this until I get a correct one xD)
MoB: Mark of Blood
VB=: Vampiric Blood
Dc= Deathchill
SG= Summon Gargoyle
CE= Corpse Explosion
BT = Blood Tap
CoI – Chains of Ice
RP – Runic Power(Points)

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