Cataclysm Faction Guide

I’ve prepared a pretty inclusive list of all the cataclysm factions, links to their loot lists on wowhead, and if they have tabards, dailies, etc. Shortly after posting it, I decided to turn it into a page for easy reference. Continue below to see the list including Baradin’s Wardens, Dragonmaw Clan, Guardians of Hyjal, Hellscream’s Reach, Ramkahen, The Earthen Ring, Therazane and Wildhammer Clan.


Guardians of Hyjal:

These guys are pretty much a group of druids and those helping them protect and work with the few living Ancients. Naturally, this faction resides in Hyjal.  After finishing the zone, you should be revered with the faction, granting those of their rewards including their tabard, one of the caster head enchants, and a handful of level 83-85 loot including some starter epics at exalted. Currently there’s no dailies for this faction, so the only way to get exalted to pick up the achievement and epics is to grind dungeons with their tabard equipped.

Exalted Loot:

Belt of the Ferocious Wolf

Cord of Raven Queen

Treads of Malorne



 These cat-human creatures are descendents of titan creations and still work to protect the titan structures and secrets. This faction is located in Uldum. Finishing Uldum only got me to honored with this faction, as many of the quests aren’t given by the Ramkahen. They have only one daily quest which is Thieving Little Pluckers. So, like the Guardians of Hyjal, you’re mostly limited to putting on their tabard and heading to some dungeons. Their quartermaster has a nice mixed selection of level 83 and 85 blues (friendly/revered respectively) along with an agility/haste head enchant, and of course, some purples. As a big bonus, if you really, really wanted to ride a camel in WoW and never had a chance before, check out the epic loot list below.

Exalted Loot:

Desert Walker Sandals

Gift of Nadun

Sandguard Bracers

Sun King’s Girdle

Reins of the Brown Riding Camel

Reins of the Tan Riding Camel

The Earthen Ring:

So if you’d like to thank someone for Azeroth not being completely broken up like Outlands or for elementals not having completely overrun everything, thank the members of the Earthen Ring. They are a group of Shaman, now including Thrall, that are helping restore order to the elements and heal the planet. Apparently, Blizzard really wants us to run lots of dungeons as the Earthen Ring has no daily quests either. Once you finish all related quests, it’s up to the tabard wearing in instances to get to exalted and get the loot. Level 83 and 85 blues at honored and revered, along with the tanking head enchant. No sweet mounts, but a nice list of epics if you get them to really, really like you.

Exalted Loot:

Earthmender’s Boots

Flamebloom Gloves

Signet of the Elder Council

World Keeper’s Gauntlets 


This faction is named after its leader, Therazane the Stone Mother, and is basically the collective group of all the earth elementals in deepholm. All players start off as hated with her, which makes a lot of sense considering we killed her daughter. For those not familiar with Princess Theradras from Maraudon, she was one of the bosses we were killing during the pre cataclysm elemental invasion events, if I’m not mistaken. Needless to say, after questing around deepholm and solving problems we’re eventually found worth of wearing her tabard (at friend) and eventually they like us enough to give us loot. Now, unlike the other factions I’ve covered so far, she doesn’t give a lot of wearable loot. Therazane (or her quartermaster anyway) lets us buy decent level 85 rings at revered, but the real pull here is the shoulder enchants. At honored we get a set of lesser shoulder enchants for everyone and epic greater enchants at exalted rep. Fortunately, these guys actually have repeatable daily quests to get the reputation up there. After the long quest chain, you’ll find Therazane, her quartermaster, and the daily quests located at the northern tip of the zone.

Epic Loot: 

Greater Inscription of the Charged Lodestone

Greater Inscription of the Jagged Stone

Greater Inscription of the Shattered Crystal

Greater Inscription of the Unbreakable Quartz


Baradin’s Wardens – PVP Faction in Tol Barad:

As someone who is almost purely a horde player, I don’t have much personal interaction with these guys, outside of killing them a little. Just a little, I’m a nice guy. Wowhead describes the faction as “Once led by Duke Reginald Baradin II, this fierce army has historic ties to the island stronghold of Tol Barad. They have joined the forces of the Alliance in an effort to repeal the Horde invaders and gain control of this strategic island.” These guys don’t have a rep tabard, but the do have a handful of dailies to get your reputation up and pick up a bunch of nice PVP oriented loot. As opposed to wintergrasp loot though, this stuff isn’t loaded up with resilience, so PVE players might find it worthwhile to farm rep here and pick up some nice weapons. Of course, you can’t forget the awesome mounts they sell. It’ll take a lot of daily quests and participating in the battle but,for those mount hunters like myself, completely worth it.

Epic Loot:

Impatience of Youth

Mandala of Stirring Patterns

Mirror of Broken Images

Stump of Time

Unsolveable Riddle

Reins of the Drake of the West Wind

Reins of the Spectral Steed

 Wildhammer Clan:

Another Alliannce faction. I’ll again divert to wowheads expertise on the issue, “The Wildhammer dwarves are known for their near-reckless courage as well as their unsurpassed gryphon-riding skills. After losing their home of Grim Batol to a Dark Iron Curse, they’ve spread their dwellings around the Twilight Highlands.” As the description says, you’ll find the Wildhammer out of Twilight Highlands flying around on griffons, all over the place. They have both a tabard and repeatable daily quests for a relatively easy rep grind once you’re at 84 and zone appropriate. Like many other factions, they offer a variety of rewards for level 83 and 85 players depending on the reputation you’ve reached. Warriors, paladins, and death knights will find their DPS head enchant here.

Epic Loot:

Belt of the Untamed

Griffon Rider’s Boots

Lightning Flash Pendant

Stormbolt Gloves


Dragonmaw Clan:

In some ways, the horde making allies with the Dragonmaw seems like a very bad PR move. These orcs were once employed by Deathwing and were the group responsible for enslaving red dragons including the Alexstrasza. As the horde arrives with intentions to create an alliance with them, they are openly hostile. You have to kill their leader while helping to create a rebellion. They currently are located up in the twilight highlands, and like their alliance counterparts there, they have a reputation tabard and many daily quests. Honored grants level 83 loot, revered 85 blues and a str head enchant, and exalted grants those entry-level 85 epics.

Epic Loot:

Boots of Sullen Rock

Liar’s Handwraps

Withered Dream Belt

Yellow Smoke Pendant

Hellscream’s Reach – PVP Faction in Tol Barad:

Hellscrem’s Reach is a group of horde hand-picked by Garrosh to overtake Tol Barad and capture it for the horde. Much of this loot is apparently identical to the alliance’s version in Tol Barad. Like the Wardens, there’s no rep tabard. This tabard instead teleports you to Tol Barad. Lots of daily quests for rep though, and they seem to not be the same everyday, making farming this not quite such a repetitive task. Most all of the quartermasters loot is intended for level 85.  Notice the same loot below, with the exception of the hordes ground mount is a wolf instead of a steed (shocking right?).

Epic Loot:

Impatience of Youth

Mandala of Stirring Patterns

Mirror of Broken Images

Stump of Time

Unsolveable Riddle

Reins of the Drake of the West Wind

Reins of the Spectral  Wolf

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