Daily Thoughts: Uldum Thoughts and Screen Shots

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Cataclysm, Daily, Screen Shots
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Uldum – The new desert zone located in the southern coast of Kalimdor. It is designed for players between 83-84 and is probably where you’re going after deepholm. It is probably my 3rd favorite (out of 3 so far) zone from Cataclsym. Before I get into this one, check out my thoughts on Hyjal and Deepholm. There will be a bit of spoilers regarding quests and story of the zone, so continue after the cut to see the rest.

Honestly, for the majority of Uldum I felt like I was caught in some strange interactive adventure movie cartoon. There is a ton of adventuring with Harrison Jones battling against his nazi-knockoff rivals, and a direct homage to the Indiana Jones flicks with Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum quest line. You run around getting caught by, escaping from, helping sabotage and hopefully defeating the Schnottz with Harrison Jones as he tries to unravel the secrets of Uldum before they do. This sounds familiar somehow. The other main story going on is helping the Ramkahen defeat the Neferset. Both factions are descendant from ancient titan creations called Tol’Vir, though the Neferset made a deal with Deathwing to get their original stone forms returned.

Uldum definitely has the least amount of “Cataclysm” feel to it. Hyjal has elementals running amok and twilight servants everywhere. Deepholm is the place the shattering came from, more elementals running amok and extra twilight servants trying to continue the end of the world. Uldum on the other hand is lacking most of influence of current events, at least on the surface. Behind the nazi-knockoffs though are dragons working for Deathwing trying to use a powerful item trying to create more havoc. Deathwing’s power is also what returned the stone form and strength to the Neferset people. Fortunately, we get to smoke both of them and restore good to the zone, and what not.

Although the zone itself had a pretty good flow to it, with two important story lines driving the action, this is my least favorite cataclysm zone so far. I’m not quite sure what it was about Uldum that just didn’t do it for me. I like the Egyptian theme and Indiana Jones, but I couldn’t quite get into the quests. There were also a lot of their little cut scenes in this area, adding greatly to the feel of watching an adventure movie. There is also a pretty ridiculous, very silly, but also extremely enjoyable quest called Gnomebliteration. The first screen shot below is of me doing it and I’ve got a video link HERE. The speaker on the video is very dull, but if you skip ahead a little you can see the ridiculousness.

Don’t get me wrong, the Uldum is gorgeous and is still well crafted, but if I were to grade these so far, Hyjal and Deepholm would both get A’s while Uldum would be sitting alone with a B.

Check out the screen shots below!


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