Daily Thoughts: More Bad News For Scribes

Posted: November 26, 2010 in 4.0.1, Cataclysm, Daily
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I just read that Enchanting Vellum, used to put enchantments down on paper so the enchanter can mail/sell them, is now going to be available from the Exchanting Vendor. It appears to have a measly 9s 50c cost. This is officially the nail in the coffin on inscription’s vellum market. This is a little disappointing to me with the change to make all glyphs permanently learned, scribes have precious few things that will create repeat business. Even the level 81+ dust of disappearence (the new vanishing powder for changing glyphs) sells at the inscription vendor for 10g, effectively putting a cap on the potential profit that scribes can get from making it.

Fortunately, we’ll still have our darkmoon cards/decks. Check the following links for each type.

Str > Agi > Heal > Tank > Caster

A more optimistic opinion of inscription heading into cataclysm can be found HERE. That WoW Insider link has a few more of the things inscription will be able to make listed there as well.

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