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Posted: November 10, 2010 in Daily
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I’m really bad at making sure I get a Daily Thoughts out each day. I considered changing it to “Almost Daily Thoughts” but it doesn’t flow quite as well that way. I tend to get distracted with playing WoW that I forget to write about it or, equally as often, if I’m too busy on a given day to get much playing done then I don’t have many thoughts on that days play. Yesterday was another busy day without much WoWing done, so today I wanted to focus the post on blogs themselves. This should be a good read for people interested in WoW blogs, both for writers looking for resources or ideas and readers looking for something new to read about. Join me after the break for a handful of great blogs and blogging sites along with a tip or two for writing and finding new blogs.

I’ll start with places to read:

MMO Melting Pot – This blog focuses on more than just Warcraft but is a great place to go to find good reads. They post new up n’ coming blogs along with specific articles that have caught their attention.

Corath’s Blog – If you enjoy 15 Minutes, this is another general topics blog where Corath offers his own unique perspective on things WoW related.

Shammy Love – Shaman resource and a little bit of other commentary as well.

Postcards from Azeroth – Not so much for reading, but I do enjoy the images here. The author is pretty cool as well.

WoW Insider – For those who haven’t already discovered this one, it’s much more expansive and corporate than the others I’ve listed so far. They do have a lot of talented writers and interesting articles/news. I read most of their posts everyday.

Paladin Illumination – Naturally this is a Paladin resource, my blogs search terms generated this site as an “if you like this…” type listing for a while. Check it out.

On to Resources

Blog Azeroth – I can’t stress enough how helpful being involved in the community here can be for a new (or even long time) blogger. They are plum full of helpful posts and fellow bloggers who not only can provide advice, but there’s probably a handful of them that would be interested in reading your blog as well! Since it is a site dedicated to WoW blogging and is a congregation of WoW bloggers, it makes for another good place to find blogs to read as well.

Wiki.Twistednether – You can submit your blog to be on their big list of blogs (hopefully increasing your views) as well as find more blogs to read.

Tips and an Apology

It seem’s these days, people like to read things on the Web that feel conversational. Unless you’re focusing on strict theorycrafting filled guides or just running numbers, having a friendly personal tone on your blog probably could help keep people interested to read and might inspire some comment discussion on your posts. It’s been suggested (on BA actually) that disabling comment approvals helps readers feel more welcome. I’d say the cost of spending a little more time removing spam is worth making your viewers happy.  Disagree with me? Comment about it. See that, hopefully someone comments about it and proves my point. That’s a hint, by the way.

Also, to those whose classes were left out on my list of blogs, I’m sorry. I’ll definitely come back and do a more comprehensive list to make sure there’s something for everyone later on. It might take me a little while to find 8 or so more blogs that I want to endorse.

That’s all for today. See you all back here tomorrow, right?

  1. Corath says:

    Thanks for the shout out. 😀

  2. Rebecca says:

    Big thanks for the shout! We appreciate it – keep up the interesting reads 🙂

    • Sharden says:

      No problem! Sorry for the delayed response, comment got sent to spam somehow. Thanks again for your profiling of me on your new blog post.

  3. Natalie says:

    Maybe try weekly thoughts? 😉 Or Thought of the Week?

    • Sharden says:

      Thought of that one, but I still manage better than 1 per week…I’m sure it’ll just stay daily thoughts and hopefully readers will forgive the lapses.

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